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Essay about My Father


Our parents are special to us, as they guide us through a life. No one is flawless, but for many of us the parents are the best people in the world. They give advices and teach the important lessons. My father is among the best people in the world. Why? The reason is that he cares, supports, inspires, and sets an example to follow. It makes him special, it makes him my father.

Even though my father has always been a person of great honors, he has never looked this way. Likewise, he is not tall or strong and has an average shape and height, but one look at his confident face shows how intelligent and empathetic he is. He has strong arms, though, and in my childhood, I had always found my safe place when I had his hand in my tiny one. The veins on his arms have always memorized me of Tarzan who can defend the people he loves and do anything to make them happy. When he came from the job in the evenings, I have always met him near the door, several seconds after I heard that the door was opened. I remember that even if he was angry or tired because of work, he always greeted me with smile. It taught me to treat people with kindness before all. At the same time, at these moments, his tough hugs and kiss on my cheek made me realize that I can do anything while I have my father’s support and.

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However, all these small memories from early childhood can say nothing about my father as the skills and knowledge that I gained from him. Except for helping me with any school subject that I would ask him about, which has always amazed me to its most extent, he taught me the most vital lessons in life. For instance, I had the challenging times in my adolescent years, and, as well as any teenager, self-confidence became a massive part of my daily struggles. But every time I found difficult to protect myself or act in front of many people, I remembered his grey eyes that told me that I am worth anything, and all these people should be glad that they know someone like me.

Honestly, I cannot compare anyone to my father. As he tells me the adventures of his past, I realize how brave and enthusiastic he is, and how important it is to try as many things in life as I can. “Life is too short to do one thing during the life” – the words, which motivate me to develop and see the world beyond my comfort zone even now. While he was young, he traveled to more than forty countries with nearly no money in his pocket, he met the people who vary from each other in their cultures and values, but one point that my father understood is that kindness is a key to communication. It does not matter where a person is from or what life experience the one has, what really influences the life goals is people’s attitude and respect to each other.

Therefore, my father is my personal example of a person who step-by-step achieve his goals, enhance own skills, and do not stop creating something unique even despite the age. He is one of those people who try their best to enjoy the life in its vast spectrum of the things that are possible, and he can clearly see the ways of gaining more experience. But even despite all his qualities, I love him for his mature respect to women, friends, and diverse people since “everyone deserves to be loved.”

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