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Essay about Typhoon in the Philippines


in the Philippines Essay:

One of the most devastating typhoons in the Philippines brought to the island winds of 315 kilometers per hour. In addition, it caused waves up to six meters high that hit the coast of the islands of Leyte and Samar.

The number of victims of the typhoon in the Philippines has exceeded 5,000 people, according to the Associated Press on Friday, citing local authorities.

In turn, Reuters reported citing the National Emergency Management Agency reported that the number of victims was 5209 people, 1600 people are still unaccounted for. Thus, Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda typhoon) has surpassed the number of victims by the typhoon that hit the country in 1991 and claimed 5101 human lives.

According to revised data, about 23.5 thousand people were injured in the disaster. Damage caused by typhoon farmland and infrastructure, estimated at 274 million dollars.

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Media, citing local authorities of the most affected by the disaster areas previously reported that the number of victims of the typhoon could reach 10,000, but Philippine President Benigno Aquino called this estimate “too emotional.”

In 1956, the Chinese scholar Lee Sang-Jih put forward his theory based on years of study and synthesis of weather reports. According to him, there are two reasons for the appearance of a typhoon. One of them, which the scientist calls inner, is the presence of air masses, saturated by unevenly distributed moisture. The second, or external reason, is the movement of the air masses.

The main sources of energy of a tropical cyclone – Typhoon – is vacated by the latent heat of the mass of moist air at its condensation. This heat, warming the air layers, increases the speed of updrafts. And to the place the risen layers, and at the same time the lower layers of the adjacent zones are retracted. Of all the enormous energy of liberated latent heat only 15-20% of the energy goes into motion. The scientist argues that the impetus for this transition of one form of energy into another serve cold air streams.

Indeed, according to the observations of the Shanghai Central Meteorological Station in recent years a close relationship between the occurrence of the typhoon and the advent of cold air currents, the intruders from the southern hemisphere was established. This is undoubtedly an important argument in favor of Lee Sang-Jih.

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