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Essay: Are We Becoming Slaves to Technology?


on Are We Becoming Slaves to Technology?

Not any of us ask themselves whether we are becoming slaves to technology.

And the answer is not always good for us. Yes, yes, we often have to recognize that most people are addicted to all this modern commodities and it is not just a habit, and this addiction is called a disorder. Of course, it’s not drugs, but the symptoms are the same, and drugs are replaced by all our phones/computers/players and stuff.

During a pedagogical conference recently a woman psychologist shared her research. She just went to school and decided to conduct an experiment. Of course, with the consent of students parents and with a condition that one of them was supposed to be an observer to then talk about their child’s reactions during the experiment without exaggeration and understatement.

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The goal itself was simple – to learn to what extent modern children, teenagers and even young people are addicted to technology in the modern world. The experiment itself was experiment was pretty simple, and even at first glance, seemed very enticing to children, because the day of the experiment they could not go to school. Just one day … or rather a whole day, as it turned out to be during the experiment.

The conditions were next: for one day you stay at home, do not go to school, but can whatever you want BUT no phone, laptop, and any means of communication and technical equipment. Even using a microwave oven was not recommended to use, but leave it to parents.

In the experiment 16 people participated. What are the results? 2 people almost did not notice how the day went, both of educated families. One child was passionately fond of reading (in-our time!).

And spent the whole day in the books, he is from a family of professors. Another participant liked collecting and all day long was busy with his hobby, it was interesting that his family was also quite intelligent. There was another boy – a sports fan, who spent in the street most of the day. The boy was adolescent, from a good family. The remaining 13 children could not keep to the rules. They seemed to have a real abstinence syndrome breaking after average retention time – 5 hours, then there were paroxysms of aggressiveness, inquietude and other attacks of this addiction.

The conclusion anyone can do for himself: for me everything here is clear! Personally, I was impressed. I’d like to try it one Sunday. First, I believed that it would be easy, but when I learned the results of the research, I realized it would not be easy at all. Just think how hard it is to renounce the Internet! And your phone? No ;ore calls today. Are you capable of such an achievement?
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