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Essay on My Strong and Weak Points


know your strong and weak points is critical for each person.

If you do not know yourself, your talents, abilities, values, strengths and weaknesses, how can you be happy? Or are you hoping for good luck?

Did you know that if you apply yourself in an area that you like, where are your talents, your abilities and strengths, you are destined to be successful and happy person? Development of skills takes place every day, and if you do something with pleasure, the effectiveness of this activity increases iteratively.

Did you know that if you apply yourself in an area that you do not like or where your weaknesses lie, and where you have no talents and abilities, you are doomed to be mediocrity? Development of skills is a very important detail on the way to be success, if a person performs its daily activities without pleasure, the effectiveness of the development will be minimal.

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Now I give you a few points on what gives you the knowledge of your strong and weak points itself, and then we discuss these items in detail.

And they are:

  • Accuracy in predicting the outcome
  • Efficiency of your performance
  • Better motivation
  • Bring far greater benefit to people
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Accuracy in predicting the outcome

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can easily predict the outcome of an event. For example, you know that you are uncomfortable with math, and you are offered a job where you need to perform complex analytical calculations, or you’re thinking of going to work as an accountant. The answer is obvious – no, do not go, because this work or activity will suffer from your weaknesses. You will be defeated.

If you know that you know how to build good relationships with others and are able to convince them, you can easily engage in sales and succeed in this, because this is precisely your strengths.

Efficiency of your performance
If you know what kind of work requires specific skills, which you do not have, you will not even take it, because you will lose time, effort and energy, once again disappointed, and you will decrease self-esteem.

Better motivation
Your motivation depends very much on how much you love what you are doing. If you love what you do, you can do it day and night, using thus your strengths and at the same time you will feel happy.

If you do what you do not like, you will have to constantly force yourself, and you will be miserable.

Bring far greater benefit to people
And, of course, doing what you love to do, plunging headlong into the work, you will bring a much greater benefit to people than performing unloved work and making it somehow.

Increase self-esteem
When you concentrate on your strengths, you feel amazing. You feel perfect. Once you start thinking about what you cannot do, you remember your weaknesses, and you lose your power.

You would not believe me if I tell you that you’re just a genius like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Napoleon Hill and other successful personality. And I believe that you have the same talent as these people, and maybe more.

Do you know why these people are so successful?

Because they knew their strong and weak points, which allowed them applied themselves in the area they knew they were designed for!

Do you think Bill Gates would be successful if he worked in construction and building houses?

Would Napoleon Hill as successful if he was a politician?

No, no and no again!!

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