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Financial Analyst Personal Statement


Before deciding to choose finance as my course of life, and achieving Master of Business Administration in Finance, with double focus in Finance and Project Management, I have worked at the Marriott Hotel first as a Cross Training Assistant Controller and then as the Operations Manager.

During my work as Cross Training Assistant Controller for 3 years at Marriott, I have analyzed, planned and interpreted the financial results, prepared monthly and quarterly financial balance sheet and P&L forecasts. In addition, I have performed monthly financial statement, departmental budget variance analysis and identified issues for management and board response and further action.

1. After the promotion to the Operations Manager position, I had a four-year-experience in event management operations. My key responsibilities were: preparation and analysis of budget, forecasting, and expenditures; goal setting, business strategy coordination, pricing of event management products and services for customers, and much more.

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As for the experience in budgeting, I had to prepare and implement budgets including the development of expenditure projections, narrative justification of programs, and detailed biennial spending plans and expenditure projections; review and analyze budget requests and adjustments, etc.

The budget development was influenced by authorized spending limitations, statutory requirements, budgetary directives, policies, regulations and limitations.

The budget was considered complex because it dealt with event management and required accumulation of multi-level expenditures and strict limitations. I often had to deal with interesting business offers and projects initiated by our employees, but the hotel financial actives were limited. We have had panel discussions with the management and the project leaders and sometime even cross-budget the events. Also, as a Cross Training Assistance controller, I had to assist agencies in developing budget requests by explaining statutory requirements and providing fiscal guidance; analyze budget requests; make recommendations regarding additions, deletions and/or reductions; prepare written justification and summary statements for budget requests.

The review of audit reports, verification of compliance, and review of agency internal controls and performance levels helped me to review and monitor the budgets.

2. The workload management was an ordinary issue to deal with every day along my 7-year-experience in Marriott Hotel. I had to present budgets at agency meetings before the deadline. In order to improve the system, I have designed developed, maintained and enhanced automated budgetary systems to track expenditures and revenue, monitor performance indicators, and conduct statistical analysis. I once had to prepare a budget overnight, I had to contact all the departments and gather all the necessary information. To complete the assignment on time, I had to reorganize the process of informational support, optimize the data collection process – this experience induced me to initiate a quality improvement programs for the company. I have initiated a financial planning system that enhanced management decision making and improved access to information – as a result the goals for time, cost and effort-saving were reached.

3. As a part of my responsibilities, I had coordinated and prepared the annual financial operating and capital plan, the long-term strategic plan, financial forecasting, variance and financial statement analysis and reporting, ad-hoc analyses, and business decision support. It has included the quarterly forecasting process, intended for the director of finance operations and other top managers.

4. As a part of staff management process, I had to improve subordinates performance, and hold employees accountable for meeting goals. I have had to communicate the goals in an efficient manner and used the project team approach to stimulate the employees’ performance (the group leaders were responsible for the results, but every team member had his/her rights and responsibilities). I had to reinforce the desired behaviors through motivation (supporting career goals and individual development plans) and coaching team members to improve performance (sharing relevant information with team members). In the course of the staff management process, I have been expected to take appropriate disciplinary action when employee performance did not meet the given standards but if the employee was hardworking and proactive, I have usually leveraged mistakes as learning opportunities..

I believe a person should always improve one’s knowledge. That is why I have entered the University to obtain higher education, which would serve as a background for my skills, talents and experience. I have completed a Master of Business Administration with a Finance concentration and Project Management in May 2007. The range of courses included financial management, financial statement analysis, managerial communications, strategic management accounting, operations management, financial reporting, strategic finance, risk management, Project Management, Project Risk Management and problem formulation/data.

Now I believe I have full basis for a successful implementation of all the theoretical and practical material I have gained. That is why I am applying for the position of financial analyst in your company.


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