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Term Paper on the History of World Cup


of World Cup Term Paper:

The history of World Cup is connected with the football tournaments which take place every four years in one of the countries in the world. The history started in 1928 when Jules Rimet, the President of FIFA, decided to make football one of the most popular games of all times and suggested to stage the international tournament in 1930 in Uruguay. At that time only 13 teams took part in the competition, so it was difficult to treat the year of 1930 as the real date of the birth of the international football. Since that time every four years one of the countries organizes the final stage of football tournament, where 32 teams compete for the right to be called the winner of the World Cup. Two years before the tournament are called the qualifying process, during which more than 200 teams compete with one another to win the right to participate in the final tour of the World Cup.

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So it is obvious that it is already a big honour to be among the best 32 teams in spite of the result of the game. According to the up-to-date information, since 1930 20 World Cups tournaments have been organized. It is interesting that there are countries which have won the tournament several times, for example, Brazil won 5 Cups, Italy and Germany 4 Cups each. The format of the competition changes every four years, because football is a dynamic game and its rules are improved all the time. Moreover, new high technologies are introduced into the game to follow and record the slightest moments of breach the rules by the players maintaining the fairness of the game.

Football is the most popular team game in the world and no wonder that there is international World Cup which gathers the best football teams and their fans every four years to find out what team is the strongest one. The student who has decided to write about the history of World Cup should collect many facts about the historical background of the competition, the peculiarities of the organization of every competition since 1930 and compare the previous tournaments with the current ones. The term paper requires many efforts and patience and the quality of the text depends on the student’s creativity and originality of the research approach.

Naturally, it is not easy to prepare a quality term paper without deep knowledge of the matter, so one is able to borrow a few facts from a free example term paper on the history of World Cup suggested by the trained writers in this sphere. The student will be able to learn about the right format of writing, the methods of the research and the character of the presentation of facts reading a free sample term paper on the history of World Cup in the Internet.

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