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Term Paper on Lady Gaga


Gaga Term Paper:

Lady Gaga or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (the full name) is the famous US actress of the Italian origin, singer, artist, businesswoman, etc who is known all over the world. Lady Gaga is not only a pop-star of our time, but also a prosperous artist and fashion-designer. She takes the active part in all sorts of activity related with art, music, fashion, etc but first of all Gaga is known as the pop-star who is influenced by many kinds of music genres and singers.

Lady Gaga is influenced by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher, David Bowie and rock band Queen (she followed the gestures and the manner of performance of Freddie Mercury). Moreover, the pseudonym Lady Gaga was borrowed from the song of the famous band Queen.

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Speaking about the genres, the activity of Lady Gaga is related with electro, dance music, R&B and disco. She started her career in show business in 2008 and achieved a lot of awards: five Grammy Awards, thirteen MTV Video Music Awards. Her debuting album “The Fame” of 2008 became the international hit and till the 2009 more than 3 million copied of the album were sold. It is natural that the success did not come to Lady Gaga at once, because she already worked hard at the age of 14 attending singing courses, singing in the various bands, etc. Today Lady Gaga is known in every corner of the world and she has become a symbol of popular music and success, because there is hardly a pop-star in the world who can compete with Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a talented and charismatic artist who managed to conquer the popular music stage of the whole world and embody the genre in her personality.

The student who is researching the topic on Lady Gaga is supposed to devote much time to the research of the issue, investigation of the biography of the personality in order to evaluate her impact on the popular music and mass culture, as it is not a secret that Lady Gaga is an integral element of the mass culture and she is an active creator of this culture. One should analyze the personality, the road to her success and compare Gaga with other popular music singers and artists.

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