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Mental Retardation Term Paper


Paper on Mental Retardation:

Mental retardation is the intellectual disorder which is characterized with the hereditary or adopted psychological deficit of development which influences the human intellectual skills and socialization.

Mental retardation is observed on the quality of the moving functions, behaviour, emotions, speech, etc. The life of such an individual is quite difficult, because he loses the opportunity to receive education, work, have a regular family and social life. There are several stages of mental retardation: low, medium and high. The low or weak intellectual disability touches upon the human intellectual skills, the quality of her education and causes certain problems to the social aspects of the human activity. The medium stage of mental retardation is characterized with the serious problems of speech (the human vocabulary is no more than 200-300 words), though the patient is able to carry out the basic work which does not requires intellectual skills.

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The patient also can eat and take care after himself. The final strong form of mental retardation is characterized with the complete deficit of intellectual activity, moving disorders, lack of speech, total misunderstanding of the self-identification, etc. The patient can not survive without the care of the third people and most often he is kept in the special institutions under the monitoring and care of the experts. Most often mental retardation has the genetic origin, but there are cases when it is obtained because of the certain disease (for example syphilis). Paying attention to the origin of the disorder the special methods of treatment are chosen for the partial improvement of the intellectual potential, because the complete cure of mental retardation is impossible.

Mental retardation is quite an important issue for the research and the problem is quite relevant, because at least 1% of the population of the developed countries suffers from this disorder. The student is expected to observe the problem form several alternative sides. One should explain the term of mental retardation; define its stages, the factors which cause it and the symptoms which help the experts with the identification of the disorder. In addition, the student is asked to mention about the therapies and various methods of treatments which are practised for the improvement of the patient’s condition.

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