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Term Paper on Labor Unions


Unions Term Paper:

A labor union is a voluntary non-profit public organization which unites people with the common interests, the type of their professional activity and learning.

Labor unions are created without the special permission of the government and all the labor unions have the common rights. The wave of the creation of the labor unions dates back to the 19th century during the industrial revolution. With the rapid development of industry the economic relations in the world also changed. Employers started to employ labor force to work at plants and factories. The conditions of work in the 19th century were quite poor and the protection of the human rights did not even exist. It is obvious that the process of production was more dangerous and the human deaths were quite regular. It is natural that employees started to protest against the inhumane attitude towards them and the first labor unions started to appear.

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Employees united into the special communities and wanted to support every member of the union to protect his rights. The duty of labor unions was to make sure that employees are paid well and regularly; that the working conditions are safe enough for everybody; that the working hours are not too long for the human health. Labor unions improved their activity all the time and broadened the sphere of their activity and influence. The most important sides of the work of the unions are the protection of the workplaces (the employee can not lose his job without a serious reason) and the organization of strikes if the employees’ requirements are not met.

The issue on labor unions is quite interesting for the research because the student is able to observe the long way of the development of the qualified labor force and its protection. The student should pay attention to the explanation of the importance of labor unions for the international economy and development of industry. One can evaluate the sphere of the activity of the unions in order to see what they do for the improvement of the employee’s life and work. It is a plus if one observes the issue form the different points of view and on the example of the real cases from history and in different countries.

The most difficult stage of writing a sensible and well-analyzed term paper is the student’s poor knowledge about the right structure of the text. With the assistance of a free example term paper on labor unions one can observe the appropriate manner of writing and organization of the paper. A free sample term paper on labor unions can teach the student to format the assignment according to the general standards and choose the adequate sources for the understanding of the topic.

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