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My College Experience Essay


away from home changes person a lot. When parents and friends told me about this, I didn’t realize how true they were. There is an abyss between a little scared girl that entered the Dean College campus years ago and me nowadays. Studying here made me cleverer, tougher, more confident and independent than I was before. It taught me to take the responsibility, and to deal with it, to make friends, and to communicate with people from different age, ethnic, and social groups. The Dean College made an adult confident person from the teenager I had been.

To be honest, the first few months at college were the most terrible in my whole life. That was the first time I went so far away from home, from my parents, relatives and friends. I felt I lost the protection I had had beck home at Hong-Cong, where everyone treated me like a child. I felt lost and rejected, as I realized that the world was more cruel and indifferent than it had seemed to me before. I got really homesick, and I even regretted my decision to go to study to the USA.

It seemed to me that there were no people who would want to socialize with me. I looked around, and saw selfish and cold people, who weren’t interested in anything except for themselves, at least so it seemed to me at those times. Everyone around was talking, smiling, and doing something interested, and I felt like all alone in the crowd of people. I always sat in the corner for not to attract attention. My academic results got worse with each passing week, and it was driving me crazy. At that period I lost track of my emotions, and forgot about my goals, and lost all of the confidence I had had before.

Nevertheless, in some time I began to adapt to the new environment. I felt I had to do something for to get feel at least a little better, and thus I began to work hard on my academic. In the last semester, my GPA was 4.0. Gradually, I began to communicate with other students. As my academic results improved I joined some clubs, and after some time I began to take an active part in their activities. Nowadays I am the secretary of the international club, the international representative of the Student Government Association and the orientation leader. Besides, I also joined the leadership program that exists in our college. Nowadays I apply the knowledge I get there in my academic and extracurricular activities.

The years spent in the Dean College helped me to realize that in order to reach some goal you should first set that goal, and than put the efforts for getting what you desire. Of course, this statement seems obvious at a first glance, but lots of people can’t fully understand it until they feel it on themselves. I learned that there always are people who would like to become friends with you, you just have to look around, and stop being afraid of making the first step. Now I feel confident, and I know that I can any goal I set. Studying at college helped me to stop being afraid of failure. Now I know that in case I fail, I can always try to do it once more.

Today I feel that I’m keen on continuing and enhancing my education that’s why I am applying to the University for transfer. I am planning to go the University of Wisconsin at Madison to study food science there. I know that the level of education in that field is high there, and that after graduating from there my knowledge will be full and comprehensive. I know I will need deep knowledge in this field, as after getting the degree in food sciences I plan to get the Master’s degree in Pharmacy, the field of medicine I have always wanted to study.

Pharmacy has always been like magic for me. You take the ingredients, mix them, and then get a medicine that may cure a person who’s dying. I feel I am capable of becoming a good pharmacist. I hope I will be able to save the lives of people who suffer from diseases, which are considered to be incurable nowadays.

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