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Term Paper on Nostradamus


Term Paper:

Nostradamus or Michel de Nostredame is a French physicist, astrologist and alchemist who has the world fame of the seer. Nostradamus comes from the Jewish Catholic family. He planned to be a doctor and very soon received education and defended PhD degree and since that time his last name has become Latinized. He managed to build successful career as a doctor on the court of King Charles IX after he had become a famous astrologist and seer. The doctor practised his physicist skills in different countries of the world and was quite famous in Europe. Unfortunately he loses his family because of the epidemics of plague and spends much time and efforts to defeat this disease in Europe, as a result he received the life-term pension for his contribution into this practice.

Nostradamus revealed his skills of a seer quite unexpectedly, because very soon he published his first astrological almanac, which caused numerous troubles to him.

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It is natural that the society of that time and especially Church could not understand astrology and the source of Nostradamus’s wisdom, so he had serious problems with Inquisition. He was asked to predict the fate of King Charles IX and very soon he became the king’s physicist on the court. Since 1550 Nostradamus had written a great number of texts of different content. There were texts on medicine, astronomy and of course prophecies. There are many texts which are not understandable for the modern people, their sense is so deep and the symbols are so ciphered that it is complicated to get the clue. Nowadays, Nostradamus is believed to be a serious seer who had predicted a lot of events centuries before and many books have been written to explain his heritage.

Nostradamus is a well-known seer and astrologist who managed to predict many important events accurately, so it is quite interesting to learn at least something about this personality.

The student is supposed to write about Nostradamus’s private life, work, literary heritage, predictions and myths about him. One should dwell on the reliable articles written by the experts in order to learn about the personality more. It is important to cover the most important and well-known texts written by Nostradamus and analyze them in detail evaluating the importance of his activity for the humanity.

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