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Term Paper on Accounting Information Systems


Information Systems Term Paper:

An accounting information system is the system which stores, processes and analyzes information for the appropriate work of the accounting branch of a certain organization. It is obvious that a prosperous organization of both public and private type requires strict control over the branch of accounting and the data used for its efficient work. Naturally, such systems collect information and process it for the decision making purposes, so that to improve the work of the whole organization and increase the control over its finance and its logical usage. Generally, accounting information systems are closely connected with computer technologies, because only with the effect of a computer the organization can operate its finance easy and quickly. Every organization has its own server which collects, distributes and processes data for the effective accounting and the experts manage to fulfill numerous operations quickly and effectively. The main task of the system is to keep the information about the finance under constant control.

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In addition, the information is kept in the statistical way in order to compare the profit and loss of the benefit on the certain periods of the year, season, month, week and other periods. When the data is stored in the certain logical way, it offers wide opportunities for the decision making and improvement of the work of the company, its policy, strategy and management. Modern accounting information systems enable to fulfill the tasks efficiently and evaluate the financial condition of the organization objectively.

The problem of accounting information systems is quite interesting, because provides student with the opportunity to combine his activity in the two spheres: accounting and computer information technologies, as all the information systems are the synthesis of these two branches. A successful term paper is supposed to explain the structure and aim of accounting information systems, their components, functions, tasks, their strong and weak sides. The student will need to dwell on the operations which are carried out by the accounting information systems and present the use of the systems on the definite examples from the real life. The student is expected to evaluate the effectiveness of the accounting information systems and prove their point of view with the persuasive arguments.

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