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Term Paper on California Missions


Missions Term Paper:

California missions are the historical events which took place in the 18th and 19th centuries on the territory of the modern USA, which are characterized with the desire of colonizers to civilize the local native tribes and impose Christianity on them. It is obvious that since the discovery of America the lands were attractive for the Kingdom of Spain, which wanted to make its influence on the new colonies as strong as possible.

Since the 15th century the process of colonization had been developing rapidly and the most serious results of the process can be observed on the example of California missions of Spain on the new lands. The missions in California embrace 21 outposts for military and religious purposes.

Catholic priests of Franciscan order organized these missions to impose Christianity on the native tribes which inhabited the lands before the arrival of the colonizers.

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At first the settlers and the natives cooperated with one another. The natives showed vegetables, cattle, the way of agriculture and farming to the settlers, but the latter caused more harm than good in this cooperation, because they just imposed Christianity and tried to change the lifestyle of the natives according to the Spanish way. The buildings of the missions in California are supposed to be a great attraction for tourists from all over the world as every outpost represents Spanish architecture and art. Of course, with the run of time they were a bit ruined but lately the buildings have been renovated and are protected by the state.

California missions can be called a serious page of the US history which is associated with colonization. The student is able to prepare a term paper about the issue and observe the topic from all sides collecting facts about the Spanish missions in California and analyzing various facts on it. One has to observe the problem in detail reading about the missions and their effect on the native tribes, the number of missions, their peculiarities, aims, methods, etc. The student is expected to prepare an objective presentation of the summary of the missions, their importance for the US history, their strong and weak sides.

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