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Term Paper on Carbon Pricing


Pricing Term Paper:

Carbon pricing is the policy which is supposed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions with the help of setting the special taxes on the polluters. The most common categories of polluters are the owners of plants and factories, automobiles, buses, aircraft, etc.

Nowadays air pollution and the related process of global warming up have become quite urgent and require rapid and effective solutions. It is obvious that various means of transport and heavy industry are the major producers of pollutants and carbon dioxide. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing all the time and it is important to stop this process, because its result is greenhouse effect and global warming. The USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the majority of the European countries have already designed the special laws and taxes which are aimed to stop the gradual increase of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere.

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Carbon pricing belongs to the sphere of green economy, which has become popular nowadays.

The developed countries want to improve the ecological situation on the planet, because the humanity is close to the total devastation of Earth’s resources. Unfortunately, the greater part of the world (including the developing countries) does not pay attention to the quantity of CO2 emissions leading their regions to the ecological catastrophe. Carbon pricing is not only the tool of limiting the human opportunities in transportation and energy production. On the contrary, this policy makes people develop the alternative sources of energy production and manufacture eco-transport of all kinds which would not cause harm to the natural environment. Moreover, it is a good stimulus to the development of economy, alternative industry, energy and creation of new sectors of the market.

Carbon pricing is the effective policy which can improve the quality of the environment in the radical way, because the owners of big corporations, middle and small factories, cars, buses and trucks will pay more attention to the quality of their transport and equipment. The student who is asked to research the matter of carbon pricing is expected to collect much reliable information about the problem, the tools and principles of this policy, the amount of taxation and evaluate its usefulness for the environment. One can illustrate the current achievements of carbon pricing using the definite statistical results collected all over the world.

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Custom Term Paper on Carbon Pricing

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