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Term Paper on Data Warehousing


Warehousing Term Paper:

Data warehousing is the process of collecting integral, stable and up-to-date data which can maintain chronology and can be a complex source of the reliable information for the operational analysis and decision making.

In the core of the concept of data warehousing stands the distribution of the information which used in the system of Online Transaction Processing and in Decision Support System. Such a model of the data distribution enables to optimize the structures of the data storage for the operations of creation, modification, search and delete. Moreover, the structures are used for the productive analysis. The process of data warehousing got its start in the beginning of 1990s when companies started to collect information valuable for their activity for the analysis and quality decision making.

No wonder, data warehousing is the foundation of the creation of every decision support system.

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The main idea of data warehousing is to make the information important for the development of business and improvement of its production in the standardized form appropriate for the analysis and accounts. In order to maintain it, one should collect the data from all the inner and outer sources available for the computer. In spite of the differences in the approach towards the problem of data warehousing, all warehouses have such common features: object orientation (the information about the definite aspects of the company’s activity), integration (the information is checked, formatted and stored in the warehouse to make the future process of the analysis easier), binding to time (the information is always connected with the definite periods of time) and immutability (when in warehouse, the data will never be altered).

Data warehousing is the useful process which can improve the quality of the production and the activity of every type of business, because information and its analysis influences the company’s profit and the quality of its decision making seriously. The quality of the term paper depends on the student’s ability to collect enough information about the problem. One should discuss the issue from all sides, observe the history of data warehousing, its connection with decision making, business and other aspects of the human activity, look through the problems, strong and weak sides of the process and predict its perspectives.

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Custom Term Paper on Data Warehousing

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