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Term Paper on Cinematography


Term Paper:

Cinematography is the field of the human activity in art, which is characterized with the creation of the motion pictures. Cinematography was invented in the end of the 19th century and gained its popularity in the 20th century. The term cinematography means the type of art, the masterpieces of which are created with the help of the pictures and images which are moving on the screen; and it is also the name of the industry and economics which produces movies, cartoons, applies special effects, presents it to the viewers at the cinemas and earns money on it. Movies are shot with the help of the special technologies and there are many genres and types of films which have the different content, auditorium, value and price.

Cinematography plays a very important role on the modern culture of numerous countries. In many countries cinematography is the important part of economics which earns a lot and supports the state’s budget.

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Movies are shot in the special studios and then they are demonstrated at the cinema, on TV, and privately on VHS, DVD and online with the help of the Internet. The history of cinematography is quite long and interesting, because due to the synthesis of the scientific research, discoveries, innovations and sophisticated tastes of the artists a new form of art appeared. At first cinematography produced black-and-white and silent movies, but very soon voice was introduced into film making and this industry started to develop rapidly as it started to attract much attention of the audience. Till the middle of the 20th century all films were colorful and the technology of film making was improving all the time. Even now with the development of the computer technologies it is possible to introduce them into cinematography making HD quality films and 3D pictures.

Cinematography is the kind of art which has conquered the whole planet, as there is hardly a person who does not have a favorite film or cartoon. In order to prepare a cinematography term paper, students should learn about the industry a lot and present its techniques, genres, methodology, history and potential of the modern film making. Students are supposed to analyse the problem of cinematography from all sides and predict the further development of film making paying attention to the development of the computer and Internet technologies.

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