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Tips for Starting a Term Paper


to Start a Term Paper:

Term paper writing is a challenging process which requires attention, patience, responsibility and rich accumulated knowledge. It is obvious that the paper itself is not so difficult and the most complicated moment is just to start writing it. It is problematic to gather thoughts and efforts and start investigating the chosen topic as the process is boring and time-consuming. Furthermore, many students do not know how to start their paper correctly to impress the teacher at once, so the guidelines for starting a term paper below will be effective for the students who do not possess enough experience in this activity.

  1. Make Your Mind about the Topic: Naturally, one should think a lot before writing a term paper in order to understand the theme of the paper, the idea of the research, the strong and the weak sides of the topic, the core questions and points which require solution and the major questions connecting with what, how and why you want to investigate the picked problem. One should evaluate all these organizational points objectively and soberly in order to organize the work efficiently.
  2. Create a Hypothesis: It is important to make sure that the student really understands the topic and its objectives. One should try to brainstorm the hypothesis, set the prior problems which require solutions, create a certain logical plan or outline for writing marking the core aspects of the topic, broader and narrower sub topics in order not to miss anything valuable for the research. If it is difficult to catch the idea of the topic and its major points, the student should try to connect the topic with the broader and narrower topics to be able to compare it to them and complete a sensible paper analysed from all sides.
  3. Write an Introduction: Generally, every term paper starts from an introduction, so one should concentrate on this part of the paper. It is of vital importance to attract the teacher’s attention at once presenting the purpose of writing, the relevance of the chosen problem, its value for the discipline or the society (it depends on the character of the topic) and share the predicted results with the teacher. The introductory chapter should contain interesting and thought-provoking quotations, proverbs or anything else which can grab attention and explain what the paper will be about.
  4. Try Writing with Your Own Style: Obviously, there are many term papers on the same topic and the student should try to present the whole information in his own way which can be recognisable for the teacher. The introductory part should not only be sensible (to reach the informative value the student should already know at least something about the topic conducting the basic research) but look and sound nice.

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