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Term Paper on COCOMO Model


Model Term Paper:

Constructive Cost Model is the algorithmic model of the evaluation of the cost of the creation of the computer software. The model was suggested by Barry Boehm and is aimed at the objective prediction of the price of the production of the software of different types. COCOMO was introduced in 1981 by Barry Boehm who worked at the TRW Company and developed the special software for the control over the space flights. The company worked over 63 projects which required financing, but it was complicated to predict the cost of the development of the software as at that time this field was quite new on the market. So, Boehm analysed the whole information and write an article about it evaluating the cost and the resources (material and human) required for the programming. Finally, he created a plan or a model which explained the cost in detail. In 1997 was created the improved variant of the model called COCOMO II and in 2000 it was published and presented for the international public.

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COCOMO consists of the three gradual and logical levels. The first level is the basic one, which analyses the probable constructive cost paying attention to the general and visible factors, because it is difficult to predict the obstacles which can occur on the way of construction, so the first level is not valid enough. The middle level pays attention to these obstacles and problematic factors and the third level analyses the whole process scrupulously paying attention to the slightest detail and predicts the cost precisely.

COCOMO is an interesting topic for students, because it can teach them analyse the problems and cases related with it successfully. Nowadays, the topic is also quite relevant and young professionals should improve their knowledge in its aspects. A well-organized COCOMO model term paper is the investigation of the topic in general and scrupulous analysis of its principles, structure, strong and weak sides. Furthermore, students should explain the usefulness of the model objectively and provide the professor with the direct cases where COCOMO was enough effective to solve the existing problem successfully. In conclusion students have to make the wise summary of the problem and demonstrate the results of the research on COCOMO.

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