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Term Paper on Louis XIV


XIV Term Paper:

Louis XIV is the King of France who ruled the country from 1643 till 1715. He is also known as the Sun King who has the credo “I am the state” being the absolute monarch of the country. He was the son of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Till the year of 1661 the country was ruled by Cardinal Mazarin but when Louis XIV received his power, he created absolute monarchy and believed that he was the most important person in the state and called himself the Sun King.

During the time of his reign France took part in the several wars against different European alliances which always included Great Britain and Netherlands. Louis XIV is the best known supporter and connoisseur of arts and sciences, because he gave much money for the development of visual art, literature, music and all possible sciences, so his influence on the well-being and intellectual development of France was really great.

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The King is known to be on the throne for 72 years and this term is supposed to be the longest in the European history. He lived longer than his son, grandson and grand grandson. Louis XIV is known for his wise policy and reforms, for example, his financial reforms improved the economic condition of the state, his social reforms reduced poverty, epidemics and other problems of big cities (Paris in particular) and his military reforms improved the quality of the state’s armed forces. During the reign of Louis XIV France became the motherland of fashion and it has been dictating new trends already for centuries.

Louis XIV is the monarch who made France one of the most important and influential states in Europe due to the economic reforms and development of arts and sciences on the court. The student is able to observe the personality of Louis XIV in detail and describe his personal life and political and cultural activity for the sake of France. The young professional is able to dwell on the reforms carried out by the monarch, the international relations of France during the reign of Louis XIV, the wars and treaties and the place of France on the political and cultural map of Europe. The student has to present the objective description of the activity of the monarch comparing him to the previous and the following ones.

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