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Term Paper on My Papa’s Waltz


Papa’s Waltz Term Paper:

My Papa’s Waltz is the poem written by the outstanding American poet Theodore Huebner Roethke.

The poem is quite short but still it has become one of the most famous works of Roethke due to the deep philosophic thoughts hidden in its content. The poem was written at the times when the author just started his writing career though it did not reduce the quality and perfectness of the text. My Papa’s Waltz is written in the simple manner and the narration is carried out by the little boy who describes the problem of his family – alcoholism. The main character of the poem is the drunken father who hit his son and the child’s mother. The father is described to be always drunk and the scenes of violence are not accidental at this home and probably the mother has go used to this, as she stopped resisting and was just expressing her emotions with the help of her frowning face.

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There are several symbols in My Papa’s Waltz which are connected with dancing and violence. The dance means the unstable life of the father and instability of his inner world under effect of which he has made numerous mistakes in his life. Dancing is closely connected with violence, as the boy describes falling pans and hitting with the buckle. In spite of the fact that the scenes of family violence because of alcohol abuse are quite common at home, the boy still loves his daddy who puts his son to sleep. The poem has gained its fame due to the specific style of presentation of the tragic problem from the point of view of the little boy.

My Papa’s Waltz is the poem which describes the problem of alcoholism in a family from the point of view of the little boy, who suffers from negative behaviour of the always drunken father. It is possible to prepare a quality term paper observing the poem in detail relying on the knowledge gained from the classes on stylistics. The student is supposed to focus on the scrupulous analysis of every line of the poem trying to catch the hidden symbols and messages which can say more than the words in the text. One can analyze the poem’s plot and then observe it from the point of view of its style and compare it with other works of Theodore Roethke.

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