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Tips for Writing a Term Paper Proposal


to Write a Good Term Paper Proposal:

Every student feels frustrated when is asked to prepare a college or university term paper proposal, because he knows that much time and nerves will be wasted on the assignment. Every professor expects to receive a detailed and sensible proposal, which will convince him to permit the student analyse the chosen topic for the term paper. It is obvious that the absolute number of students never copes with their term paper proposals from the first attempt and has to rewrite the paper several times before it is accepted. In order to reduce the number of the attempts and hand in a good proposal from the first try, the student can take advantage of the professional term paper proposal writing tips:

  1. The main problem of every student is the lack of experience and knowledge about the choice of the right topic for the research. A term paper is a summary of the whole semester of studying, so the topic is supposed to be closely connected with the topics and problems which have been observed during the semester. The student only has to deepen his knowledge about them and develop them further finding the possible points in these topics which have never been investigated.
  2. The main aim of your term paper proposal is to persuade the professor in the success of the topic picked to the investigation. So the student should write the paper in the convincing manner always dwelling on the advantages of this topic and the points which require scrupulous research. The student should reflect the total interest in the topic and even conduct a narrow research to be aware about its aspects and core elements, because if the professor sees that the student has already done something and has something for demonstration, the proposal will probably be approved.
  3. Writing the introduction and abstract the student should prepare as much reliable information about the topic as possible to impress the professor. He will have to present the purpose of the research, the expected results of the paper and explain why he wants to research this very paper and what he wants to achieve.
  4. Writing about the methodology of the future research the student should bear in mind that this part is very important for the professor, because on the basis of the types of the methods used for the investigation the quality of the proposal is valued. So, the student should focus on this part and think over the most appropriate methods for the research. The same problem occurs with the choice of the sources used for the research and one should choose the most reliable and up-to-date ones.
  5. In the end one should summarize the whole paper and say a few words about the expectations concerning the future process of term paper writing and possible difficulties related with it.

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