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University of New York Admission Essay


The choices of life we make – education, career, our hobbies and interests – influence and shape our character. Education is one of the milestones of life, and it actually is the “architecture of the soul” (William J. Bennett).

This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen the University of New York to be my guide and my Alma Mater in higher education. To become a part of a great university is an honor any man dreams of.

The New York University was an educational institution for numerous prominent scientists, economists, political leaders, writers, poets, directors, actors, musicians, etc. Its 175-year history is famous for having accepted in its hospitable walls people like Woody Allen, Paul A. Samuelson, Julius Axelrod, Oliver Stone, Tom Ford and many others. Standing in a line with outstanding personalities that used to study or teach in the NYU, I would consider being a great honor.

According to the NYU official site, the New York University is “a center of higher learning that would be open to all, regardless of national origin, religious beliefs, or social background”. So now I am applying for business program in the University of New York. My goals are: broadening of intellectual horizons, contribution in my personal development and the development of the university community, academic excellence and participation in the extracurricular activities (like – write of some interests you plan to develop in university or activities you would like to participate in or contribute into!!!)

My hopes and dreams are connected with the graduation from the New York University, and I really do hope that my dreams will come true.


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