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Business Communication Essay on Video Conferencing


One of the most efficient innovations in the sphere of information and communication technology is video conference calling, that enables numerous participants that are physically located at different parts of the world not only communicate with each other, but also actually see each other. (Baptist, 2000) While this seems to only minor improvement from the first point of view, actually, when it comes to big businesses and huge deals, it plays a crucial role to see your potential partners/allies, since non verbal communication plays a great role in the process of project and counter party evaluation alike. Therefore, it is apparent that for international corporations and their management, video conference calling becomes one of the most useful tolls in their everyday activities.

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Video conferencing is a rather recent invention that illustrates all the potential of contemporary science and technology. Moreover, it is closely tied to the big businesses, since it is going to be utilized by them; therefore, by analyzing this particular innovation we will perform detailed investigation of the impact of new technologies on the developing business world with all its peculiarities. In order to make this research more specific, it should be narrowed down the industry segment in which this technology may potentially be utilized, and will use one specific business sector that benefits from this technology, namely “Big Four” accounting companies that are engaged in international services in the area of accounting, audit, corporate finance, consulting and alike. Management of such organizations is in constant need of negotiating and communicating with numerous counter parts scattered all over the world, which makes this innovation really useful to them.

As any new invention, this technological development had triggered different controversial responses when it was first introduced on the market. (Scott, 2000) There will be publications available both in scientific and technological journals and magazines describing benefits of this technology as well as its major potential drawbacks. A vast area of research that may also be utilized for this particular technology is World Wide Web. While printed publications may be somewhat biased and less objective due to the promotional campaigns they might be engaged in, Internet forums and individual authors tend to objective when discussing new developments on the market.

Major benefit that is seen in researching this particular technology is the potential for its improvement. Probably, twenty years ago people could not even think that they could see each other ‘online’ being actually quite far from each other and talk freely without any interruptions. It is apparent that while video conference calling is quite sufficient invention in itself, it may be further improved by adding various features that would make business communications and negotiations a pleasant process for all the parties involved, no matter how long it takes. Another benefit associated with video conferencing is the fact that it allows to save valuable management time that would be lost on transportation. One of the most significant limitations of the technology is the fact that it still does not have all the features necessary to conduct a full scale meeting where more than 15-20 people need to attend.

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