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Technology Term Paper


Paper on Technology:

Technology is a complex of methods, processes and materials which are used in a certain branch of activity and the scientific description of the ways of the technical production. In the narrower meaning technology can be described as the complex of the organizational means, operations and techniques aimed at the production, maintenance, repair and exploitation of a product of the nominal quality and optimal expenditures which depend on the level of the development of science, technique and the society in general. Under the term ‘product’ one should understand the final product of work (material, intellectual, moral, political, etc.); under the term ‘nominal quality’ one understands the predicted and planned quality of the product, which meets all the requirements and expectations; finally, ‘optimal expenditure’ means the lowest expenditure for the production which does not influence the quality of the product, does not affect the ecological, technical and hygienic norms, etc. Technology plays the core role in the development of the human civilization.

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Due to the numerous inventions in technology people have learnt how to conquer the nature and use the natural resources for their needs. Technology touches upon every sphere of human life and activity, including industry and agriculture. With the help of technologies people managed to develop the human civilization and make the life of the society easier and more appropriate for life.

The latest key research in technology touch upon the information technology, because nowadays information is the most important and valuable thing, so it is important to operate and manage it well.

Technology is an interesting topic for the research and it is important to explain the problem from all sides. A student is expected to present the meaning of technology and demonstrate all its principles. One should value the role of technology for the good of the human civilization and provide the professor with the historical background of the problem illustrating how technology managed to change the world for the better (and for the worse). One should be able to illustrate all the aspects of technology and make wise conclusions concerning the value of innovations and knowhow for the humanity and predict the further development of technology in other spheres of human activity.

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