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Essay on My Inspiration in Life


in My Life Essay:

Probably, I could not live without inspiration, it is sometimes the only thing that makes me do something. Inspiration in my life is always positive emotions that, it is unclear how, pushing me forward.

Most interesting is that it always comes when you least expect it at all. It can come in the simplest of things: when you drink coffee or just hang out with your friends, but it is always difficult to grasp.

And to everyone it comes in different ways: to someone in a song or movie, but for someone traveling or people. Inspiration comes in the morning or evening. It comes during riding bicycle or driving the car, in the process of communication, or perhaps when your are alone.

It inspires me to read books, especially reading the classics. I recently read “The Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov. This book made me reconsider my views on the world, understand what is hidden behind closed doors and the unknown hidden sanctuary. It made me think about the meaning of life and pay attention to what I did not see before.

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Now it the Internet time, so for me it was easier to find inspiration. There are social networks where talented creative people can be heard, seen. If earlier it was necessary to find the right person, sponsor, etc. Now everything is simple, only need an access to the Internet. You can share your work with the world, not limited to your society or country you live in. And each one can find his audience. I love YouTube, because of it so many creative people has been recognized. Especially in the West, a lot of really talented guys have signed contracts with the best record companies in the world. I actively use social networks, and I have a group on Facebook and Twitter.

I am inspired by all the things around me – the world is just amazing. But the most inspiring for me are people and their success. Because in most cases, success is based on the great work, incredible life stories with difficult situations, I always think of it when I live through difficult times.

For me, music is life. Music school, piano class, then College of Arts, now Music College at jazz department vocals, unforgettable study in New York.

Small steps to move towards my goal, which is very global. My parents taught me if you dream big, you are going big.

I am also inspired by writing. And no matter what it is: a small article in two lines or the whole story. It helps me develop myself. Sometimes I cannot understand myself, and if I write what I think and I feel better. Inspiration help me when I feel bad, but when I’m in a good mood the inspiration elevates it to a new level.

And I want to say: look for inspiration and do as much as possible what you like. Because when you do what you like, you grow up emotionally. Move forward to the dream right now. Do not miss your inspiration!
Custom Essay on Inspiration in Life

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