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Term Paper on Ethernet


Term Paper:

Ethernet is the complex of technologies which maintain the work of the computer networks.

Ethernet standards define the wire and wireless connection, electronic signals on physical level and protocols of management is the accessible area – on the data link layer of OSI model.

Ethernet has become the most widespread technology of local area network in the middle of 1990s forcing out such out-of-date technologies as Arcnet and Token ring.

Ethernet technology was created within the other similar projects of Xerox PARC corporation.

Ethernet is known to have its birth in 1973, when Robert Metcalfe wrote about the potential of the technology. In 1979 he decided to persuade the prominent companies Intel, DEC and Xerox to cooperate and design the single standard Ethernet (DIX) which would enable users create local area networks which was the beginning of the creation of the Internet.

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Ethernet invaded the market rapidly due to the wide opportunities it offered and the low cost of its production. The technology is transmitted with the help of the cheap wires which are affordable for everyone and it is natural that the popularity of the local networks increased at once. The most important advantages of Ethernet technology is its low price, reliability (due to the quality wires the signal is rapid and clear) and high speed of transmission. In 2008 the humanity learnt about Terabit Ethernet, the technology which will be introduced in 2015 and would transmit information with the speed of not less than 1 Tbit/s. Naturally, the further development of Ethernet will broaden the opportunities of the Internet and its usefulness for the humanity.

Ethernet is an interesting topic for the research, because it reveals the perspectives of the future development of the Internet and the technology of local areas networking. The student will need to collect enough facts for the objective analysis of the problem in order to analyze the history of the creation, the necessity of the development of Ethernet, its qualities, structure, functions, etc. The student is able to compare Ethernet with other standards and protocols used for the same purpose.

The analysis should be as objective as possible in order to observe the strong and the weak sides of the standard and its value for the humanity.

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