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Argumentative Essay on Tuition Fees


The recent proposal to divert 5% of the school revenue to offer free services to non-student members of the local community seems unfeasible from the viewpoint of the student community. It will contribute to the rise of the already high tuition fees, decrease the quality of services delivered to students, and stand in the way of organisational development. This sizeable amount of money can most definitely be put to better use.

The revenue of the college is derived almost in total from students’ tuition fees that often place a heavy burden on students’ families, trying to meet the costs of the program. If the college allots 5% to delivery of services to non-students, in the next year rising expenses can force it to take the missing funds out of students’ tuitions, raising them once again. It seems that the significant cost of the program can keep away many talented individuals coming from poor family backgrounds. In this situation, every effort should be made to keep the tuition fees low, by way of eliminating unnecessary expense.

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If the tuition fees stay fixed, diversion of a part of the revenue will decrease the amount of money available to various student associations, interest clubs, exchange programs and other vital components of college experience. Sports and residential facilities that could have been improved with the money will remain in their present deplorable state. This means that the college will have less money to spare and to invest in the development of the school. Over the long run, this policy is not feasible, given the constantly rising standards in education that have to be met with fund expenditure as well as effort.

The funds proposed to be used for free services to non-students can be put to use on college campus and outside its boundaries to benefit the current and future students. For example, the college can perform renovation of the halls of residence occupied by students. In particular, it is feasible to increase the number and size of computer classes in the dorms to supply each student without a laptop with adequate ability to utilize online resources for the completion of homework. Internet represents virtually unlimited opportunities for research and discovery that should be made readily available to students.

In addition, if the college has extra funds to spare, it will be wise to realize exchange programs that can increase our students’ international exposure. For instance, depending the on academic results and interests, a few undergrads can be selected to participate in a tour organized by the college to a foreign country. This prospect will seem attractive to many students, motivating them to perform well. The reports they will produce on return will also help better connect study topics to real life.

In general, the funds available to college through tuition fees have to be put to use wisely. As they are supplied by students’ tuition, these funds have to be used to promote college and benefit the student body. Preparing knowledgeable professional with high ethical standards and work motivation will be the best way in which the college will repay the community for its contribution.
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